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26% discount
Everything you need to create an eCommerce mobile shopping app.

The perfect plan for small businesses

$29/ moSave 26%
Billed Annualy - USD $348
  • Theme Collection
  • App Builder with Page Customizations
  • 10 Push Notifications Per Month
  • IOS & Android App
  • Payment Gateways & Buy Now Pay Later Intergration
Most PopularEverything you need to create an eCommerce mobile shopping app.

The perfect plan for growing businesses

$74/ moSave 26%
Billed Annualy - USD $888
  • All Shopimint Pro Features
  • Unlimited Push Notifications
  • Super Shop
  • Live Stories
  • Augmented Reality ( AR )
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Marketing Automation ( Plus )
  • Multi Language & Multi Currency
Everything you need to create an eCommerce mobile shopping app.

The perfect plan for Shopify Plus & high-volume stores who need more control.

Starting From
$299/ moGet Started
  • All Shopimint Ultimate Features
  • Dedicated Success Manager
  • Premium Intergrations
  • App Customizations with Designer

* *All plans require Apple Developer ($99/year) and Google Play ($25 one time fee) accounts to publish your app.
If you dont have these accounts yet, don't worry. Our support team will help you to create those acoounts.

Plan Details

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Shopimint Pro

Perfect for small businesses.

Shopimint Ultimate

Perfect for larger operations.

Shopimint Enterprise

Perfect for those who want software.

Elegant Theme Collection
Drag and Drop App Builder
White Label with Unique Branding
Realtime Product Sync with Collection
Flash Sale
Product Catalogue with Collections
Ratings & Reviews
Favourite & Discounts
Live Chat
Advanced Search
Product Recommendation
Instant Push Notifications
10 notifications per month

Unlimited Push Notifications

Unlimited Push Notifications
Scheduled Push Notifications-
Smart Cache
Fast Checkout
Coupon & Discounts
Easy User Authentication
My Account
Order Management
Payment Gateway
Buy Now Pay Later
Marketing Automation-
Multi Currency-
Multi Language-
Augmented Reality-
Advanced Analytics-
Live Stories-
Super Shop-
Dedicated Success Manager--
Premium Integrations--
App Customization with Designer--
Live Support

24/7 Live Chat Support

Regular Updates

Marketing Guidelines

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To Upgrade your shopimint plan you can select Shopimint Pro button on your left bottom corner app builder and choose your plan. See How

If your monthly or annual subscription expires, you have 07 days to renew the subscription. But unfortunately, if the subscription is not renewed even within those 07 days, your app will automatically enter maintenance mode. If you have any questions about the subscription or have any payment problems during subscription renewal, contact the Shopimint support team immediately.

suppose you are ready to purchase the Shopmint Ultimate yearly plan.If you buy this, you will pay only $ 888 per year. Going for a one-year plan costs only $ 74 per month. But if you buy the same plan monthly, it will cost you $ 99 per month.So we are giving you a valuable discount of 26% on purchasing an annual plan. Remember, this discount is valid only for Shopimint Pro and Shopimint Ultimate annual plans. This discount is not valid on other plans. Read More

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